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We are looking to crown the best Hearthstone university player in Australia!
Tune in each week and support your University in this intense competition against your peers and rival universities.

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The Top 4 from each qualifier will play online for a share of the prize pool and the annual University Cup!

  • This tournament is exclusive to students.
  • Entrants must be currently enrolled at an Australian University.
  • Provide Student ID Confirmation.
  • All players on a team must be enrolled in the same University.
  • All members of your team are required to have an AEL Player ID.

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Key Info

Sem 1 2020

Qualifier Bracket #1: TBA
Qualifier Bracket #2: TBA
Qualifier Bracket #3: TBA
Qualifier Bracket #4: TBA
Playoffs Bracket: TBA

Prize Money

1st: $400 AUD
2nd: $150 AUD
3rd: $50 AUD


  • The top 4 players from each semester will be inducted into the AEL University Cup Hall of Fame.

The Tournament

Players can compete in one of four double elimination ‘qualifier’ brackets.

The top 4 players from each qualifier (16 total) will be seeded into a double elimination ‘playoffs’ bracket.

All matches will be Best of 5 (Bo5).